Online Relaxation Sessions for Mums


£12.00 per session

Come and join one of my monthly online relaxation sessions, designed specifically for mums.

These sessions are especially for you if you find yourself. Saying things like:
“I’m just gonna run for a wee”
“I’ll just quickly pop to the shops”
“I’ll need to write that down or I’ll forget”
Did you know that being busy and staying busy is a stress response?
If you immediately check your:

  • Email

  • Instagram

  • WhatsApp

When you find you have half a second to catch your breath.
That’s because we live in a perpetual state of rushing, and fight or flight mode.

These sessions are all about learning ways to break that cycle.
Which is not only going to serve you so well, it means that you will be able to show up in other areas of your life in the ways that you want to, in the ways that make you feel good about yourself.
As parents it’s so important that we model meeting our own needs so that we can regulate ourselves, and in turn, support regulation in our children.

Thursday 12th October 8.15- 9.00 pm

Tuesday 14th November 8.15- 9.00 pm

Monday 11th December 8.15 – 9.00 pm

I really encourage you to bookmark this time just for you. Make yourself a cosy nest, and accessorise it with anything that says ”relaxation” to you; wearing comfies, and considering where you’d like to do the relaxation- in your bedroom, on a yoga mat, or on the sofa. Think about lighting, keeping things warm and low level lights. Are there any scents that help you to feel relaxed, diffusing an essential oil or lighting a candle maybe? We’ll begin the session with a check-in to see how everyone is doing, feel free to bring yourself as you are, there is also no pressure to share if you’d prefer not to. Please bring a drink along, your evening skincare products, especially that mask you never use!