Hypnobirthing Refresher Course

Course overview

A refresher of hypnobirthing & relaxation techniques.

Course duration

3 hours.

total price

£185.00 (includes VAT).

The perfect refresher on how to have a successful & enjoyable hypnobirth, in the comfort of your own home.

My comprehensive hypnobirthing refresher course will help prepare you for the birth of your baby. This course is designed for parents planning for a subsequent birth, after taking my full hypnobirthing course previously. The hypnosis you will learn will enable you to let go of the worries you have about birth and parenting, ultimately allowing you to have a more successful and enjoyable birth.

By letting go of the idea of a perfect birth you can create an unforgettable birth experience, for all the right reasons. The kind of birth that you desire is entirely possible, when you allow yourself to be open to a new way of thinking. If you have had some hypnobirthing sessions in the past, then this refresher course is perfect for you.

  1. A 3 hour recap on hypnobirthing
  2. MP3 files for listening
  3. Hypnobirthing techniques
  4. Exclusive Sarah Doman hypnobirthing pack

1. What hypnobirthing is, and how to use it
2. A recap on breathing techniques
3. How to use hypnobirthing leading up to your birth
4. Navigating the maternity system and birth choices
5. The birth process


Hear from the lovely people I have worked with...

“A big thank you to Sarah for such a fantastic experience. I couldn’t recommend her course more highly and her support throughout has been phenomenal.”

E & M


“Sarah was so brilliant at helping to change my mindset going forward and was such a lovely coach to put my worries at ease.”

Hypnobirthing client

“My feelings about birth have changed so much, I feel so prepared now.”

“The main thing I feel since this course is that I do not feel scared of birth, and the anxiety I was feeling prior to the start is now under control.”

Hypnobirthing client