How do children learn through play?

Play is probably the most powerful learning tool that there is for our children. Play is an incredibly important part of children’s learning and development. It supports their brain growth and cognitive development, physical development, and supports the way children learn social skills. Some of the things we do with our children may seem as though we are simply passing the time, and come very naturally to us as parents,… Read More »How do children learn through play?

Why I am Planning a Home Birth

Planning a home birth for my second baby I’m a little over 20 weeks into my second pregnancy, and I am planning my second home birth. Despite having already birthed a baby in the home where we live with a very positive experience, I anticipate (and hope!) parts of the experience will be quite different. This is because we moved into our house less than three weeks before my first… Read More »Why I am Planning a Home Birth

How to choose the right early years setting for your child

From childminders, day nurseries, pre-schools and nursery schools, when it comes to choosing the right early years setting for your child, it can be overwhelming as the choice is vast. In this blog, we are going to unpick the kinds of settings that are available and what early years even is! The term ‘early years’ covers from when children are born to their fifth birthday when in educational terms they… Read More »How to choose the right early years setting for your child

How to prepare your child for a new baby…

Expanding your family is such an exciting time, you now know so much more, which hopefully has allayed some of those first time parent worries. However, you aren’t just preparing yourself for your growing family this time, but for your firstborn too. So how can you help prepare your child? Let’s explore that here a little more… When should I tell my child that they will be getting a new… Read More »How to prepare your child for a new baby…

How does labour start?

The average length of pregnancy is between 37-42 weeks, and what actually causes labour to begin is still unknown. But there are few sound theories which can be used to help us figure what actually gets things going! One of the theories that scientists believe begin labour is an increase in the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin is our love hormone, which is going to be the focus of this blog post… Read More »How does labour start?

How to enjoy playing with your children…

Do you ever feel like you don’t want to play with your children? Yet when they have gone to bed you spend hours scrolling your phone gallery for cute pictures of them? Parenting is weird, right?!  If you were to Google ‘how to enjoy playing with my kids’, your search would return lots of results from parents daring to confess that they don’t enjoy playing with their children. There is… Read More »How to enjoy playing with your children…

What is Hypnobirthing?

What is Hypnobirthing? Here’s what you need to know!   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Hypnobirth & EarlyYears Expert (@sarahldoman) The word ‘Hypnobirthing’ tends to raise a few eyebrows when it comes to giving birth, so what exactly is it? Does it involve a pocket watch? Does it mean c-sections are banned? Does it involve giving birth in a unicorn lake (imagine!)? The answer is… Read More »What is Hypnobirthing?

Say Hello to my new website!

  I am delighted to show off my brand new website. You can now check out my hypnobirthing courses and early years parenting workshops on the Courses & Workshops page.